Many have been the occassions and people who have encouraged me to cooking. But, in Miriam chechi(MC), I think I might have finally met someone who is gentle enough, and persuasive enough to see me through my diffidence and laziness to actually making simple and tasty dishes. Here’s the first of them. I hope to document them, considering the hereditary forgetfulness that runs in our family, not just for the rememberance of pleasant memories, but so I actually go out there and cook!! šŸ™‚

After washing thoroughly, dice some pink skinned potatos. MC tells me that the brown skinned potatos would work just as well, but the pink skinned ones taste better. The skin is kept on, and add on some salt, pepper, red chilli flakes, maybe even a bit of oregano and any other condiment you’d like. Finish off with aĀ sprinkling of olive oil before placingĀ the tray in for baking.

Of course, now that I’m writing down the recipe, I realise I didn’t askĀ how long the potatosĀ should beĀ baked. I guess, as I go along, I’ll realise more and more the cracks in my cooking (which is a good thing I guess, as long as I strive to fill those gaps :). Bear with me and I’ll get the time from MC, when we catch up next.