The long, sunny, spring weekend beckoned us to soak in the sunlight and spring about with the wood creatures. After a friendly bout of competitive pull ups and push ups, (which I must part take in the next time, if only to increase the entertainment value), we headed out to Hacklebarney State Park, where we enjoyed a mild trek of about a mile till we reached Trout Brook. Criss-crossing the streams (the water at it’s deepest was only calf high), stopping at every little waterfall and bridge, stepping over rocks and fallen tree trunks, and oohing over the different dogs who decided to visit as well (Anne really loved the majestic Dalmatian we saw on the way back). What a lovely day!

Which is why, we didn’t feel the least bit sorry for indulging in a bit of luxury at the end of the day when Miriam chechi(MC) decided that I should make the Mango Mousse for dessert. Into a boiling pan of water, went 2 sachets of Jello crystals. The orange fury was allowed to cool before the will-make-any-dessert-heavenly can of condensed milk was poured in. The rich mango puree followed and finally whipped cream was folded in, and the whole batter was whisked to make a smooth pour. Then, out came the pie crusts, and on went the mango misture, which was then lidded, and refridgerated for a few hours.

MC did a roll call to see what we wanted for dinner that night, and almost  without exception, the answer was “No dinner for me, please”. Not surprising, considering the huge barbeque lunch we had after making it back from Hacklebarney. MC isn’t used to sending people to bed without supper, and so, each one of us got a very genenrous portion of the Mango Mousse!