1st Edition cover of The Time Machine, from Wikipedia

The Time Machine narrates the story of the Time traveler, his travel to the year 802,701 AD and his fantastic experiences in the future. There he comes across the sedentary Eloi and the industrious Morlocks. As finite as man’s mind is, the Time Traveler tries to formulate how the Eloi and Morlocks came to be, so unlike the humans of today.

It is staggering to imagine what the world would be like hundreds of thousands of years from now. The impact of our choices…Today, there are many sci-fi books and stories of what the future would look like. Even among them, they go only a few hundred or maybe a thousand years into the future. We think in terms of today’s life and means perfected. Better medicines, better technology, more planets colonized. But here is Wells, writing a a century and quarter years ago, talking about 800,000 years into the future! He does talk of human achievement, or rather absolute un-necessity of it in the future.

My favourite part though is when the Time Traveler and his friends gather around for their Thursday dinner and debates.Wells leads us interestingly into the book with his layman theories of how Time is the 4th dimension and how it could be easily traversed as the other 3. The future is rich with descriptions of the geography and architecture, and as the journey wears on, you empathize with the loneliness of the Time Traveler and his agonizing attempt to return home.

It does leave one with a question of where does this all really go? What happens to the Human race in the future? Generation to generation, our values and relationships are changing. Will it all dissolve into nothingness? “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” says Matthew 24.35. One day, there will be an end, but even on that day, we have the assurance, there are things that will never change – the words of the Almighty. Hallelujah!