Autumn Sonata

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I remember the first time I saw trees with leaves that changed colour. It was in the campus of the Indian Institute of Science in Banglore, where I’d gone to write an exam. After years of carrying the terms deciduous and evergreen in a corner of my curious little mind, I think I finally understood why deciduous forests was every bit as interesting as the evergreen trees that kept their foliage all year round. Years later, in Canada, quaint names like Algonquin (Park) were added on the pages of the book of Autumn. New England added it’s wooded forests and Romantic poets. I have never gone on a Fall Drive. But my heart leaps with joy at every maple leaf that flutters and prances and loops and does an aerial ballet before it carpets the earth with serrations and patterns that it just takes your breath away. Here are a few pictures taken in and around on my daily travels this fall.


A sunny day in November

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I had to renew the lease on my apartment and it was a beautiful sunny day when I walked over to the Leasing Office. I went past the Historic Hoyt Barnum house, which I saw for the first time a year ago when I first came apartment hunting in Stamford. Built in 1699, it is the oldest standing house in Stamford.

It is a simple farmhouse, built by Samuel Hoyt and his family, one of the descendents of the original founders of Stamford. Samuel had 4 children by his first wife and 10 by his second. That’s 14 children who ran amok in the 5 acres that Mr.Hoyt had to his name. The upkeep is now done by the Stamford Historical Society. Last year for the first time the society opened the Hoyt Barnum house for Halloween tours that told visitors the life of Colonial times in Stamford.

I’m not sure if the tree below was one on which swings were hung and tree-climbing was practiced, but I’m sure the children had a good time running around the beautiful oaks and maples. The Barnum family were the last owners before the house passed into the hands of the Society.

The walked continued on to the Leasing office where I spied a few trees that still staunchly held on to their brick red oak leaves despite Sandy and Athena. On the way back, I shot yet another picture of the many stone churches that dot the acreage around my apartment.

For more details on the Hoyt Barnum house, here’s the link to where it’s featured on the site of the Stamford Historical Society Stay warm and safe this winter.

Winter Wonderland where I live

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