I remember the first time I saw trees with leaves that changed colour. It was in the campus of the Indian Institute of Science in Banglore, where I’d gone to write an exam. After years of carrying the terms deciduous and evergreen in a corner of my curious little mind, I think I finally understood why deciduous forests was every bit as interesting as the evergreen trees that kept their foliage all year round. Years later, in Canada, quaint names like Algonquin (Park) were added on the pages of the book of Autumn. New England added it’s wooded forests and Romantic poets. I have never gone on a Fall Drive. But my heart leaps with joy at every maple leaf that flutters and prances and loops and does an aerial ballet before it carpets the earth with serrations and patterns that it just takes your breath away. Here are a few pictures taken in and around on my daily travels this fall.