Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

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Another coincidence this week. I had just posted a few pictures about the magical place the city I lived in had become when, the next day, the weekly challenge turned out be the one on changing seasons. Fall is the time God waves His magic wand over this earth, while winter nights gives us earthlings a chance to emulate the spectacular starry display in the heavens with a few LEDs 🙂

When I was in Canada, I wondered what would become of me the first winter. I heard jokes like that the refrigerator is warmer than the outside, in Canada. But when winter finally came, i was delighted to see the lovely Canadians fight the cold with colour. Fashionable jackets and bright, cozy gloves and scarves. Splashes of joy and cheer all around.

Come Connecticut, and all those trees bereft of their leaves now wore little lights. Enough to lift the hearts of anyone walking home after a long day at work. I am so glad that winters don’t mean cold and bleak and harsh, but still remains a time for us to ponder about the greatest wonder of all – life.

I have to tell you a secret. I’m all excited feeling like a little kid who’s opened her Christmas presents. I’ve enjoyed following many awesome photography blogs here on WordPress and am thankful for the constant itch they provide. I’m also thankful for the various tips and tools they share. I got a couple of them this month, snapseed and frameartist, both of which I think are really awesome apps for the iPhone. Here’s another another picture, since I’m still so super-excited, using FrameArtist with a bunch of kids all zipped up in their winter gear, but just bursting to get away and play ‘airplane’ tag, which I’m sure was invented right that day.



Starlight, Starbright, Stamford

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I am a bad photographer. The irony is, I love to take photographs. I was beginning to wonder how this could be. I think it’s probably genetic. My father, his brother, my brother are all photography enthusiasts, the older generation spending a good deal of money on camera equipment, and have some amazing photos to show for it as well.  In family get-togethers and school reunions, I have occasioned to see photographs that I never knew existed. My friends and I would gasp and reminisce and in all probability cry till the tears come out. Perhaps it is to capture this essence of humanity, this sense of history forever, that compels me to take pictures.

Anyhow, my city is now decked up like a Christmas tree. I remember, last year, almost to the day, reading a letter from one of my friends back in India, while walking on these ‘dreamily lit up’ streets, I’d called it. I’d even made a note of how I felt that night – “Lights against an infinite darkness has always had that effect on me-a divorce from reality, to a land that is fairer and purer, free from pain and sin. A breathtaking glimpse of Heaven?”

This time, I took some pictures too 🙂




Parking Lot Art

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I enjoy the train and bus rides on my commute to work, and watching a microcosm of an era go about their daily life. It also provides infinite opportunity to photograph the everyday treasures we never pay heed to. Here’s a bunch of pictures of the fantastic work the City of Norwalk has done to liven up it’s below ground passageway that connects the  NY-bound and CT-bound platforms. Plywood cutouts of various eras of US history.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Reflections (A River runs through it)

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The last bit of my train commute takes me past some interesting cityscapes. There’s a cemetery. There are old brick buildings. There’s a graffiti strewn overbridge. And a stream that is broad and placid in a few places, a tiny gurgling brook in others. Yesterday, looking out for heretofore unseen bridges, I was caught by surprise at a serene swathe of water that formed the perfect background for the still life of ‘Trees and Reflection’.A still, perfect, will-o-the-wisp moment, I wished the train would stop and I could take a picture.

Which is why I was more than surprised to find out that the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was ‘Reflections’. And I was more than willing to accompany a friend who wanted to take a break and a walk. The perspectives aren’t nearly as beautiful as from the train, but here’s a picture I took on my phone and edited with different effects in BeFunky.