I am a bad photographer. The irony is, I love to take photographs. I was beginning to wonder how this could be. I think it’s probably genetic. My father, his brother, my brother are all photography enthusiasts, the older generation spending a good deal of money on camera equipment, and have some amazing photos to show for it as well.  In family get-togethers and school reunions, I have occasioned to see photographs that I never knew existed. My friends and I would gasp and reminisce and in all probability cry till the tears come out. Perhaps it is to capture this essence of humanity, this sense of history forever, that compels me to take pictures.

Anyhow, my city is now decked up like a Christmas tree. I remember, last year, almost to the day, reading a letter from one of my friends back in India, while walking on these ‘dreamily lit up’ streets, I’d called it. I’d even made a note of how I felt that night – “Lights against an infinite darkness has always had that effect on me-a divorce from reality, to a land that is fairer and purer, free from pain and sin. A breathtaking glimpse of Heaven?”

This time, I took some pictures too 🙂