I never write poetry. I’m indescribably bad at it. But I thought it would be a good way to bring closure to my loss of my iPhone this Christmas.

Happier TImes

Happier TImes

We’d known each other for about a year
Pink was what it loved to wear
A beauty on the outside and the inside
Practical, useful, always by my side

Goaded me to catch up with friends and family
Mapped the way when I was in a strange city

Kept me company on long journeys
With books and music and games

Knew I liked to wake up
at different times on different days
That I was paranoid about the weather,
Fed my love of taking photos,
And made sure the little notes I scribbled were
carefully tucked away to cherish.

Now that you have gone
I look longingly at others
As their eyes behold and as they listen
As they tease and as they hold close their own

An ache, a tear, a sigh escapes
I still walk in unbelief
I never thought it would end so quickly
That a careless moment
would separate us forever

You’ve been a friend to me
And fare thee well my own true love, my iPhone.