barbequeThey say that a family that prays together stays together. Is that true? Why not one that lives together or talks together or goes out for movies together or have book discussions together or barbeques together? And why not a family who drives to church together or hosts prayer meetings together?

Because when I pray, I am talking to my Heavenly Father. When I pray, my Father sees through all the words that I speak to look into my heart. So I can dispense with the formality of nice words and speak with Him face to face. I choose to acknowledge His goodness over my life. The unadulterated constancy with which He has upheld the thread of my life moment by moment. A God worthy of worship. Just imagine the naked picture of God my child would see.

My heart is then overcome with the filth that resides in my heart. The vast gulf that’s there between me and God’s standards of holiness. I cry out, I shout out to God to have mercy on me, in His infinite grace to forgive my rebellious willful nature and remind Him that He has promised “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” In His infinite grace to open my eyes to see the sin in my life, to see it through His eyes, to hate it, abhor it with all my heart. Will He not do this? Now, my child is confident of repentance and restoration.

Love-of-ChristAnd then I ask my Lord, my Saviour, the one who has claim to all my life, the one has claim to all the Universe to change me, in His grace to to teach me to love Him, to teach me to how to fear Him, to teach me the meaning of obedience, to kindle a flame of love for Him and that it may never go out because He first loved me. And this love would defeat every sin, every temptation, every justification for rebellion in my life. Then the greatest treasure my child covets would be the love of Christ.

Which if he hankers after would make him a blessing to innumerable others. Where else would children learn of such a God, of His goodness, of the power that He gives us and His enduring love? If you are a parent, or are involved in a youth ministry, or have an opportunity to work with young people, pray with them. Pray that they see God in all His splendour and majesty and glory and power and love. That they learn to call this God, Abba Father.