ImageLast night I took a journey
To a land across the seas.
I didn’t go by ship or plane –
I traveled on my knees.

I saw so many people there
In bondage to their sin,
And Jesus told me I should go,
That there were souls to win.

But I said, “Jesus, I can‟t go
To lands across the seas.”
He answered quickly, “Yes, you can –
By traveling on your knees.”

He said, “You pray, I‟ll meet the need.
You call, and I will hear.
It‟s up to you to be concerned
For lost souls far and near.”

And so tiny, tiny groups of people went out from my city to the farthest corners of the state I live in. To the almost unreached state of Maharastra, India’s third largest state and according to wikipedia with an area almost the size of Italy. What does happen when one heeds the command to pray for the lost? When one  is beset with an ocean of perishing souls?  Are there rising waves of inadequacy? Or a surging fount of compassion? Here’s what four of my friends who are associated with a student ministry came back with.

Deepa hoped that she would meet a lot of students. That she would get a chance to interact with them and share her experiences of Jesus Christ with students who had never heard of Him. But she met only one student. This young girl took Deepa up and down the lanes of her city, pointing out the colleges, one by one. Colleges with tens of thousands of students, who live in darkness, children who have spent their entire lifetime without the knowledge of the living God. This one student was enough for Deepa to see the enormity of the unsaved souls in that city. Deepa has now come back with a burden to pray for the students of that city to know the living God.

Shobhan was called upon to translate a sermon. In the midst of a crowd hungry for the word of God. A crowd, simple and humble and naked in their desire to know God. How could I let them down? How could God ever trust a guy like me to speak to these people? I am not worthy to carry God’s message…Young, easy going Shobhan was overwhelmed by the tremendous trust God had placed in him. He has decided to live a disciplined life, to be prepared for the next time God wants to use him.

Nagalakshmi was told the story of how there was nothing happening last year in the city that she visited. And how this year, God had opened to door to many new students who showed an interest in attending a bible study. Nagalakshmi, encouraged by this act of God has come back convinced that the God who worked in a far away city can work the same miracle in our city too.  She has now come back with a renewed burden to pray for the dry area of West area.

Manoj was in a dilemma whether to set out for his city since he had a job interview lined up for just after he got back. Entrusting the preparation and the interview into God’s hands, he decided to keep his commitment. A young guy on a bike happened to stop next to him as he was walking the city streets. Noticing a christian sticker on the boys bike, they struck up a conversation. Miraculously receptive, the boy took them to his Pastor. Who again was miraculously receptive and called a youth meeting in church so that they could speak to them about salvation and a personal relationship with Christ. Manoj looks back and now says, when one is ready to leave one’s comfort zone, watch out for miracles coming up.