For many years now I have been involved in a youth ministry, that seeks to proclaim the truth about Jesus and to make disciples of all. In many cases, the easiest step is to get a student to make a decision for Christ. The difficult part is to make a disciple of the student. It is a long, most times a life-long task, with most of  us having little inclination or patience and almost no skill in discipling. I myself do not have any typical youth leader gifts, but time and again God has confirmed my calling to be involved in youth ministry. So, this is my quest on ideas to build up the faith life of students. These ideas are only a supplement to the basics of Bible study, prayer, fasting, evangelism, fellowship etc that a christian needs to practice on a regular basis. These are just ideas that may help a  student to learn/grow more in interesting ways. This will be a post that will be continually updated when I get new ideas.

  1. Write essays to learn how to defend their faith – Many  students have faith based conversations with their friends. Many times, they are at a loss to defend their faith or don’t know what stands to take on a particular issue as a Christian. Of course, one can read many Christian publications or blogs to see how more mature christians take a stand and we can align ourselves to a take that we feel closest to. But, the re are evergreen topics that transcend any generational barriers – like homosexuality, abortion, etc. Questions on these topics might be faced by every christian student who attend a university or a school. How do we prepare them? I think one relevant way is to ask them to write essays. Like a school assignment, they would have to do research strictly from the Bible, (supporting quotes, viewpoints are allowed, but,) the main argument should be Bible based. They can do this individually or in groups. I think is a fun way, to make the students delve into the Bible and also build up a foundation of their belief. It is no longer a Youth pastor preaching to them, but they looking through the Bible to discover the truth. This will hopefully make them more willing to obey the Word of God. Do remember to ask the students to hand in their essays in order to see if they are walking along the right path. Here is a site I found that has many essay topics we can ask the students to undertake. Essay Topics by EliteWritings