I am tone deaf. This fact generally manages to keep me out of musical experiments of any kind. Notice, I said “generally”. One such not-so-general occassion was this Sunday, when I was asked to be on the panel of judges for the Sunday School (music related) competitions! Not having the least clue on how to do a fair job with lisping 5year olds, I called up Augustine, to whom music is what fishing was to Apostle Peter. Armed with scale, clarity, range, breathing technique, memorisation, appearance, etc, etc, I sat down hoping my Maths wouldn’t betray me (that was a lot of categories to add up!)

I have heard most of these kids sing on Youth Sunday, but I was in for a surprise! Kids love to learn. The scale didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that some of us were covering our ears. It was drama and joy all the way through for the younger ones. It didn’t matter if they started off on a wrong note, putting on a show was what interested them. No fear of failure, no regret over mistakes, just the exhilarating joy of showing what they had learnt.

This was another beautiful thing I have come to love about our church. An environment of acceptance, nurturing, teaching, encouraging and guiding. Children are a treasure, and their upbringing requires prayerful responsibility. This church is not just for grown ups, it’s for the two year old Josiah too, who had his turn at the drums, and played us all a pretty good number too. Investment always brings returns.

I also took some time to speak with some of the older kids. One was nervous, one didn’t want to be called in as a last minute replacement like last year, the boys were eager for the scores, the juniors looked for the applause, and the kindergarteners refused to come out from the bright sunny yard outside. The excited eagerness as they waited for the scores was infectious…They made me realise there is SO MUCH yet to be discovered and enjoyed in life. So many possibilities as we obey God’s word. This Sunday was a privilege. But so is everyday, since I am a child of God! 🙂